Thursday, April 28, 2016

WIP: Amethyst Faerie

I finally gave my poor little Amethyst Faerie doll some hair! I actually made her several months ago, started her last November, I believe. But, between injuries, classes, holiday stuff and trying to get my Etsy store going, it just seems like I never get to finish her. So I'm happy that she at least has hair now. And I do have a general idea for what I'd like to do for her dress, so I can start working on it between other projects. 

As always, she is made of Japanese glass seed beads, organic cotton thread & fiber fill. Her ball joints are made of real amethyst beads. In my imagination, Amethyst Faerie is actually made entirely of amethyst! But, realistically, that isn't possible, so I'm happy that I can at least incorporate some real amethyst into making her - I will probably put some small ones on her dress too. So, enough of that, here she is:

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