Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Illustration: Morozko

Ink on watercolor paper
©2012 Debi Cady

Scenes from the classic Russian fairy tale are depicted in this whimsical illustration. On the right, the wicked stepmother orders her husband to take his daughter to the forest and leave her there to die. In the center, the girl receives gifts from Morozko. Magical snowflakes from Morozko's staff dance around the borders. This is one of my favorite fairy tales, I remember my mom reading it to me when I was young.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Illustration: The Wood Maiden

"The Wood Maiden"
Ink on Watercolor Paper
©2011 Debi Cady

Betushka spins flax while her nanny goats graze, unaware that the Wood Maiden is approaching to dance with her. Scene from the Czechoslovakian fairy tale "The Wood Maiden".

I actually did this illustration last year, but never posted it because I was thinking of using it as part of a larger project. Since I have decided not to do that particular project, I can now share this illustration with you ^-^ As mentioned above, it is from a Czechoslovakian fairy tale. In this story, the Wood Maiden is a supernatural being. She likes to dance with children. She sometimes rewards little girls with riches and magical things (as happens in this story), but she will dance little boys to death (although in this story that does not happen, thankfully!). It's kind of strange, but still a cool story. Betushka's dress was inspired by a Valachian folk dance costume. I looked into many different Czechoslovakian costumes for her, and there were so many pretty ones! But in the end I felt this one suited her best. It looked like it could be worn by a younger girl, and it didn't look too rich, which was important to me since she was supposed to be a poor girl. 

As always, this illustration is now available at my stores on Cafe PressZazzleRed Bubble, and my deviantArt Print Shop. My Cafe Press and Zazzle shops have added sooooooo many new products in the past couple of months, it's just crazy! But some of them are really cool, and I am still adding to it, so be sure to check them out ^-^

Also, in the next few days, I will be posting my newest illustration, of the Russian fairy tale "Morozko". It's been a long time coming, I actually started it a few months ago, and should've finished it quite some time ago! But I've had some stuff going on in my family that prevented me from working much on any of my projects. Now that things are settling down I should be able to do more again. I have another little knitted dolly almost finished, I just need to do the beadwork on her dress. So sometime in the next month I should have her ready too :)