Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Doll: Ambrozetta, the Amber Faerie (Gemstone Faeries #1)

I am beginning a new series of dolls, the Gemstone Faeries. ^_^ My first gemstone faerie is the Amber Faerie, her name is Ambrozetta. "Ambrozetta" means "immortal" in Greek, and is also used to refer to amber and other similar-looking minerals.

She is 6 inches tall, and is made of 100% organic cotton yarn and stuffing. She has a steel wire armature, so she is posable (gently, of course). All the colors used for her skin, hair, facial features and clothing represent the colors of amber: honey (yellow), white, green and red. She has real pieces of Baltic amber on her dress and also an amber necklace and bracelet.

For her dress I knit a few pieces of lace using a traditional Estonian lace stitch - because a lot of amber is found in the Baltic Region, I thought it was fitting, and it was just such a beautiful pattern! There were 3 variations of it, but I chose the one that had a lace flower at the top.

Gomong Khora Dress

I made a new dress for Ishtar a few days ago. It is made of organic cotton jersey, with bamboo trim that I wove last summer. The design on the trim is a traditional motif from Bhutan called "gomong khora".