Monday, August 27, 2012

Ciara Angelique

My new doll, Ciara Angelique, arrived today! She is a 35cm porcelain bjd made by JRDolls, and she is so gorgeous!!! There was some anxiety during her shipping - when she arrived at customs in New York they held her there for almost two weeks! I was so worried that she would be lost or broken. It was really nerve-wracking. I pretended she was being held hostage lol But they finally let her out, and she arrived here safely, so I am very happy and relieved.

I haven't quite decided everything about her personality and background yet, although I think she is a singer. I took some pics of her to share, but I'm afraid they aren't so good, the lighting today is really bad. So I will take some more, hopefully later in the week, but I just couldn't wait to share a few ^_^

From Left to Right: Bu Yong, Ciara Angelique, Kisa, Ishtar
They are having a little 'welcome home' party for Ciara Angelique ^-^

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unrequited Love

Recently I got a very special little velvet dress-up dachshund, who I named "Elvira" after my first dachshund, and the artist asked me if I would take some photos of her with Ringo. I had been wanting to do just that, so a few minutes ago, we had a little photo shoot ^-^

Ringo is totally in love with Elvira, even though he doesn't mess with my other stuffed animals at all! Maybe it is because she's a dachshund too, I don't know. But all through the photo shoot he kept talking to her and he was really excited. I felt bad telling him he couldn't have her! But I gave him some cheese and apple as a reward, which temporarily distracted him. Luckily, Elvira stays up on a table where he can't reach her, so I don't have to worry, but he does know where she is, and I just know he's going to be asking me for her all the time *sigh* Poor little man.

Anyways, here are a couple of pics of Ringo and his "unrequited love", Elvira :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kisa's New Summer Dress

I made a new summer dress for Kisa, and just wanted to share a few pics ^-^ 

I wanted this dress to be very light and airy - it has been so hot here this summer that I can't stand the thought of even dressing my dolls in anything that looks warm! In these pics, I imagine that Kisa has been walking along the beach (which is why she's barefoot), and she's looking out across the sea, wondering when her love will return to her. (I'm hoping eventually the artist who made her will make a boy, I'd love for a few of my girls to have boyfriends!!)

 I will be making Ishtar and Bu Yong new summery dresses very soon too :D I will post pics when they are finished...