Monday, June 29, 2015

New Faerie Dust Dolls Website

I've made a separate website/blog for my beaded dolls - I call them Faerie Dust Dolls. So this is the official Faerie Dust Dolls website. So far, I am just posting all my completed dolls there, and of course, all new dolls I make in the future will be posted there as well. I am still going to keep this blog going too, so if you'd rather see them here, that's okay,  but I hope you will check the new site out - it has pages about Faerie Dust Dolls in general, and there is a page about me (I always feel strange writing those!).

Also, I finished my Spinel Faerie over a week ago. I finally was able to photograph her - between my migraines and the gloomy weather, it was hard to get any pictures! But I have them, and as soon as I'm finished sorting out the good ones, I will be posting them. It should be sometime this week...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

WIP Spinel Faerie

I am finally ready to show you the first pictures of my new doll! She is Spinel Faerie (I haven't decided on her name yet, aside from this title), the first in a series of Gemstone Faeries. All the colors used for this doll represent colors that spinel is found in naturally. Her dress, which I am now making, will represent red spinel, and will have real pieces of black spinel on it. The black spinel I'm using is pictured with the doll below ^_^

Spinel Faerie is about 9.25 inches tall. She is made of Japanese glass seed beads, Swarovski pearls, and organic cotton thread & fiber fill. She is ball jointed, and has 13 points of articulation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Qiu Yue

Yesterday was very nice, because a new dolly came home! She is a 35cm porcelain BJD by JRDolls. I have decided to name her Qiu Yue, which means "autumn moon" in Chinese. I think she's just a stunning doll. I have wanted a doll like her for so very long, so I'm really excited to have her - I think she is my favorite doll now, aside from Kisa ^_^ I have lots of plans for her! I'd like to dress her like Fei Hong Jin from Seven Swordsmen (Chinese wuxia drama), and like royalty from different Chinese dynasties. I'd also like to make her some characters from folklore, like the Field-Snail Fairy, and Chang 'E. I need to make her clothes and a wig, which I will start soon, but for now she borrowed some things from my other girls, so that I could take a few pictures of her :)