Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ringo and the Knitty Dachshund

I have been meaning to post this for several weeks now, but I've been pretty busy and I keep forgetting to do it! In June I knit a stuffed dachshund (using a pattern by Alan Dart). I didn't have any regular dachshund-colored yarn at the time, so I decided to just make it funky. I am calling it "sunset brindle" lol Anyways, I made it according to the pattern, and I think it's pretty cute, although in the future I plan on changing a few things about the pattern, because I think there are a few parts that could be improved (the back legs and tail shape, nose needs to be longer etc). But I took some pics of Ringo with my knitted dachshund, and wanted to share them with you. Ringo thinks that I should give him the knitted dachshund, and honestly, if I didn't think he'd destroy it in five minutes (when it took a few weeks to make), I would give it to him. But I know it wouldn't last long with the way he plays, so it isn't going to happen. Poor, deprived Ringo :P haha