Friday, May 20, 2011

New Illustration: Knitting Dachshund

Knitting Dachshund
Digital Paint - Mixed Media
©2011 Debi Cady

A mother dachshund knits happily while her puppies play with balls of yarn.
I love dachshunds, and I love knitting, so I thought it would be cute to combine the two! 

This illustration is now available in my stores at Cafe PressZazzleRed Bubble, and my deviantArt Print Shop.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Knitty Kitties!

I love to knit, and I love animals. I've always had a particular fondness for cats, but because of allergies I can't have a real one *cry* Anyways, I decided to knit myself some little kitties for fun. I wanted to be able to dress them up too. So here are the two I've made so far, the yellow one is made of a bamboo/soy blend yarn, and the green/purple/multi colored one is made of corn. They are stuffed with the same yarn they were knit out of, and I embroidered the faces with yarn, and the nose, mouth and eyelashes of the yellow one are thread (didn't have the right color yarn to do it). They are about 6.5-7" tall The yellow one is wearing a little Russian sarafan that I sewed and beaded for a very small BJD which I no longer own. I was so happy when I discovered that it would fit my kitty! Here are a few pics of them: