Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Throat Chakra Crystal Grid Healing Pendants

These throat chakra pendants are now available in my Etsy Shop^_^ The crystals used are Aquamarine (large pendant only), Blue Chalcedony, Blue Apatite, Amazonite and Sodalite. Hope you like them! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood

I'm finally getting a chance to play this weekend! It seems like ages since I've been able to play with my porcelain BJDs, I've been so busy the past several months. So I did a little mini photo shoot with Kisa - she's dressed like Little Red Riding Hood ^_^ Instead of her normal red wig, I wanted to see what she'd look like as a brunette (that, and I think it looks better with the red hood). I think she looks pretty cute this way, although I still like her best in the red wig. But it's nice for a change.  So, here she is - wig, clothes and shoes are all by me. What do you think of her like this?

Oh, and in case I don't post again before tomorrow (and I probably won't), I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter! God bless ~ 

Solar Plexus Chakra Beaded Crystal Grid Healing Pendants

Just posted these Solar Plexus Chakra pendants in my Etsy shop  ^_^ The crystals used are Baltic Amber (large pendant only), Rhodochrosite, Citrine, Golden Tigers Eye, and Peridot. And here they are:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Crystal Healing Pendant for Kidney Stones

Just wanted to share a recent commission I did for someone, the intention is to help dissolve kidney stones. The bead colors were chosen by the client, and the crystals used are Nephrite Jade, Rhyolite, Malachite, Unakite and Rhodonite. I think it looks really pretty! I pray it will help...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Heart Chakra Beaded Crystal Grid Healing Pendants

I am officially relaunching my Etsy store!

I just added these Crystal Grid Healing Pendants for the Heart Chakra, available in 3 sizes.

The pendants are made of Japanese glass seed beads - all lined with silver or copper to amplify & conduct the energy of the crystals-, and organic cotton thread. The crystals are Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Pink Tourmaline, and Pink Sapphire (pink sapphire is on large pendant only). The mandala design is on both sides of the pendants, and helps incorporate sacred geometry into the grid. So if you like them, or want more information, please see the listings at my Etsy shop, Viriditas Crystals . ^_^ And, keep checking back, I will be posting more pendants for sale in the very near future...