Friday, December 6, 2013

New Doll: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

I made this doll in the spring, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to dress her, and over the summer I had a lot of pain in my hands, so I had to set her aside for a while. 
She is made of organic color grown cotton, but her hair, face and nails are bamboo. Her dress is made of organic cotton fabric, and she is stuffed with organic cotton too. She has a steel wire armature, and is approximately 7.25 inches tall.
I decided to make her after reading a very interesting book about Saint Kateri Tekakwitha called "Saint Kateri: Lily of the Mohawks" by Matthew and Margaret Bunson. Her clothing is inspired by the way they said Kateri dressed in the book after she moved to the Sault Mission, in a simple long blue dress. I knitted a shawl, I wanted it to kind of look like deerskin or something like that. They said she usually wore a shawl, sometimes covered her hair with it, but they didn't say what it looked like, so I just made it up to match her boots :P
She is holding a “rosary”, made of a little ball chain and a sterling silver cross (yes, it’s actually an Orthodox cross, but it’s all I had on hand that could work for now!). Eventually I would like to make her a rosary out of glass beads, but I haven’t’ quite figured out how to do it yet…
Anyways, I think she turned out pretty cute, I am happy with my little Kateri ^_^ Here are some photos of her: