Friday, January 22, 2016


A lot of things have been changing in my life lately. Mostly, it's all for good. It will be affecting my work however. I am happy and sad about this. The sad part is that I won't be making dolls as much anymore :( I love my dolls, and enjoy making them very much, but certain unavoidable parts of the process cause me great pain, as well as breathing trouble. So I don't feel that I can continue doing it, especially not to sell. I do have one more doll in progress, and I am definitely going to finish her, so I will be sharing photos of her in the future. But I think I can only make dolls once in a great while, when the inspiration is too strong to ignore. And I will be making them just for myself. Of course, I will still share pictures of them!

Now, for the good aspect of that change. I am going to be using my beading skills along with my training and knowledge of crystal healing, to make jewelry! I don't believe I ever mentioned it, but last year I became a certified crystal healer ^_^ I am still taking extra/advanced courses to expand my knowledge, and one thing that I really am enjoying is creating crystal grids. They look beautiful, and the energy of them is really amazing! So, I am going to be re-designing my Etsy shop over the next few weeks, and making lots of jewelry. To give you an idea of what they will be like, I will share with you my very first piece, a heart chakra pendant I made for my mom: 

The mandala part is made of glass seed beads lined that are lined with silver or copper. The stones are natural rose quartz, pink sapphires, rhodonite and pink tourmaline. 

I am also renaming my shop/company, the new name is Viriditas Crystals. There is a reason for this name, which I will write more about when the shop is all set up and officially open :)