Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP: Feathers of the Firebird

I am working on a new beaded costume for Gizella. She will be the Firebird. The costume will be inspired by my Firebird illustration, although it will be a little bit different. I am very excited about it ^-^ Here are a few photos of her with the feathers I have made so far - these feathers will be used for the dress itself, and there will be different ones for the "tail" and "wing" feathers.

The dress she is wearing in these photos is one I knit several years ago - it was meant to be for a Firebird costume (I have had this idea in my head a long time!) for a larger doll (a Luts Delf) which I no longer have. I never finished that costume. This dress is actually too big for Gizella, but I like the colors on her, so I just pin it back.

In other news, I have a new illustration in the works. Actually, it should've been done and posted already! But my dad had a heart attack in the end of April (long story, but he's doing okay now), so it is only half colored right now. I'm hoping to finish coloring it one of these days soon, though, I hate leaving it unfinished!