Monday, June 29, 2015

New Faerie Dust Dolls Website

I've made a separate website/blog for my beaded dolls - I call them Faerie Dust Dolls. So this is the official Faerie Dust Dolls website. So far, I am just posting all my completed dolls there, and of course, all new dolls I make in the future will be posted there as well. I am still going to keep this blog going too, so if you'd rather see them here, that's okay,  but I hope you will check the new site out - it has pages about Faerie Dust Dolls in general, and there is a page about me (I always feel strange writing those!).

Also, I finished my Spinel Faerie over a week ago. I finally was able to photograph her - between my migraines and the gloomy weather, it was hard to get any pictures! But I have them, and as soon as I'm finished sorting out the good ones, I will be posting them. It should be sometime this week...

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