Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WIP Silvija the Moss Maiden

I have been working on a new doll, and am ready to share the first pictures of her today ^_^ Her name is Silvija, which means "from the forest" (it's the Croatian form of the Roman Latin name "Silvia"). She is a Moss Maiden (they are also known as Wood Wives). When she is all done, I will talk about Moss Maidens in more detail, but for now just know that they are forest spirits whose lives are closely intertwined with the trees in which they live, and they are very kind and helpful.

Silvija is approximately 9.5 inches tall. She is made of Japanese glass seed beads, Swarovski pearls, organic cotton fiber fill, undyed ahimsa silk thread, and organic cotton thread. She is a ball-jointed doll, with 13 points of articulation. I did a special kind of stitch for her hair, to me it represents autumn leaves, tree branches, or even moss that has turned a reddish color. It will go really well with her dress, which I am working on right now.

I will post more when her dress is all done (maybe before, if I decide to take some teaser pics), but for now, you can get acquainted with Silvija a little bit :)

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