Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Squirrel Watching

Fall is coming, and the squirrels are going crazy. Which means that Ringo is also going crazy. It seems like every time I take him outside there is a squirrel or two running past us. Ringo chases them all with gusto, and barks at them in frustration when they run out of his reach. But he always looks very happy afterwards. And when he's in the house, he spends a lot of time looking intently out the window, just in case a squirrel should happen to run by (or maybe one of the neighbor's cats, who are also in hunting mode). That's what he was doing when I took these pics:

I see a squirrel!!!

Barking at the squirrel.

Then the squirrel came up the driveway.  I love the intent look on his face!
Looking up at me, after all the excitement was over. His tail is a blur, he was wagging it so fast!

So, as you can tell, Ringo is enjoying the nice weather, and the squirrels. I am too. I can't wait for fall to come! This summer has been way too hot...


  1. It's a dachshund, isn't it? Or is it mixed? Ringo. Nice name.. My Yorkshire terrier doesn't watch squirrels, he watches cats, he is fascinated with cats.

  2. He's a dachshund, yes. Purebred, not mixed ^-^ Oh, you have a Yorkie? They are so cute!! Ringo loves cats too, he likes to play with them. Sadly, most of them do not feel the same way about him...

  3. I have one Yorkie, and one poodle-Spitz.

    Yorkies are cute and they're also naughty. I think all the smaller Terrier breeds are naughty, like the Westie and the Scottish and the Australian Silky. I would love to get a Miniature Siberian husky. But, the weather here isn't good for that breed.

    Your dog loves cats, Benji, the Yorkshire, is just fascinated and he's afraid of them at the same time, he often watches the stray ones in the back alley through the cracks in the metal door. They don't like him very much though. One of them even hissed at him. I have a phobia of cats.

  4. Yeah, dachshunds are naughty too, very much! You're right, I've found that most terriers are that way. But that's part of what I like about them. Aww, a Miniature Siberian Husky would be adorable! I don't think I've ever seen a miniature one...

    Poor Benji! I'm not surprised they hissed at him, some of my neighbor's cats are the same way with Ringo. He used to play with my one neighbor's cat as a puppy, so now he thinks they should all be his friends! lol I actually love cats, I would have one, but I am allergic to them :(

  5. Haha.. I don't want a cat, I've heard horror stories of how they bring in dead rats and lizards and birds..

    There was this one time, I brought my 2 poodle-Spitzs, one of them died 2 years ago, out for a walk, and this huge Persian cat was lying in the middle of the road licking its lips when it saw my pups, and it wouldn't go away. I tried to scare it off by stamping my foot but it sat there stonily and it looked so hungry and my two puppies were quivering in fear. They were shaking.

    The term 'scaredy cat' should be redefined. Haha. I don't know, I have had a fear of cats as far back as I can remember but it's better now.

    How old is your Ringo?

  6. lol But dogs can do that too! The dachshund I had before Ringo, his name was Vladimir, he used to catch mice in our backyard. Dachshunds are actually very cat-like dogs, it even says so in their breed description. The mouse-catching thing is a bit disgusting, but luckily, Ringo doesn't do it.

    Hmm, that sounds like a feral cat. They can be very territorial, so I'm not surprised. I wish people would keep their cats indoors like they are supposed to! It's safer for the cats, and for everyone else too.

    I'm glad it's not so bad now :) I think it's good to be cautious around any animal you don't know, and to respect them, but it's not so good to let them know you are afraid.

    Ringo will be 6 years old in December. How about Benji?