Monday, February 9, 2015

Delays :-/

I have been trying to finish Deer Woman - all she needs is her dress! But things are just not working out. I've tried two different ideas for her dress so far. I wasn't happy witht the first one. The second one is better as far as looks go, but it's hurting my hands too much to continue it. So I am going to try the same general idea, but with size 11 beads instead of size 15, which is what I have been using. They are just too small for the stitches I want to use. But, before I can begin, I need to order more beads, I don't have enough to make the dress. 

So, if you are waiting to see Deer Woman completed, just know that I am still working on her, but it it's going to take a few weeks longer because of all the delays. I will post pictures as soon as she's done. In the meantime, I have started working on another doll. More about her in my next post... :)

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