Saturday, August 16, 2014

Crazy Weather

We have been getting really crazy weather this past week! On Tuesday it poured all day long, and in two hours we got like 5-6 inches of rain! Thankfully, our house is on slightly higher ground, so we had no problems, but many streets flooded, and houses just around the block from us had flooded basements :( They said we haven't had such bad flooding in this area in 90 years!

Then, on Wednesday, we got a storm with 50mph winds and it hailed for about 10 minutes. It was pounding the windows so hard, we were afraid it might crack them! But it didn't, thank God. Still, afterwards, it looked like it had snowed. My dad took this pic in our backyard a little after the rain stopped, some of the hail had already melted by then, but there was still a lot of it!

However, the past few days have been just gorgeous! Low 70s and sunny and dry. I wish all summer was so nice...

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