Friday, February 15, 2013


Kateri arrived on January 25, and I have been so slow about posting her pictures! I apologize, I've had a lot of work and a lot of projects going lately. Like my other girls, she is a porcelain BJD made by JRDolls, and is 35cm tall. I named her after Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, who I admire very much. I think this doll is beautiful and sweet, very loving, just like the real Kateri :) Here is the first picture I took of her when she arrived:

Here are a couple of pics I just took of her today. She is holding pieces that I wove for her, I am still working on this project, but I want to make her a skirt out of them - they all have cute little llamas on them, and are made of 100% colorgrown cotton. I am pretending that she took a trip to Peru ^_^ The first photo shows her holding a piece with llamas at night under the stars. The second piece depicts llamas during the day, with a volcano in the background.

I will post more photos of this llama skirt as they are completed. Of course, Kateri will be modeling them all!

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