Monday, August 27, 2012

Ciara Angelique

My new doll, Ciara Angelique, arrived today! She is a 35cm porcelain bjd made by JRDolls, and she is so gorgeous!!! There was some anxiety during her shipping - when she arrived at customs in New York they held her there for almost two weeks! I was so worried that she would be lost or broken. It was really nerve-wracking. I pretended she was being held hostage lol But they finally let her out, and she arrived here safely, so I am very happy and relieved.

I haven't quite decided everything about her personality and background yet, although I think she is a singer. I took some pics of her to share, but I'm afraid they aren't so good, the lighting today is really bad. So I will take some more, hopefully later in the week, but I just couldn't wait to share a few ^_^

From Left to Right: Bu Yong, Ciara Angelique, Kisa, Ishtar
They are having a little 'welcome home' party for Ciara Angelique ^-^

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