Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bu Yong

Last week my new dolly arrived ^-^ So I would like to introduce her to you. Her name is Bu Yong, and like my other dolls, she is a porcelain bjd made by JRDolls in Russia. She is part of a new, smaller line - my Kisa and Ishtar are about 40cm tall, Bu Yong is only 35cm.  As far as her background goes, at first I had some trouble choosing a name and a story for her! I think she is very beautiful and has a unique look, so I wanted to choose something that would reflect that. Finally I decided, she is Kisa's cousin, and is half Russian half Korean. Her name means "lotus flower" in Korean. I actually chose this name not only for the meaning, but also because it is the name of one of Han Ji Min's characters in  the Korean drama "Rooftop Prince". To me, even though this doll has red hair, something about her expression and her eyes really reminds me of Han Ji Min in this role, and I also really liked that character - she was intelligent, talented, and very courageous: she was willing to die for love. Anyways, enough of my babbling :P Here are some pics of my lovely Bu Yong ^-^

One of the first pics I took of Bu Yong after she arrived. At this point I still had not decided on a name for her.

I think she looks so pretty from all different angles :) She is actually quite different from Kisa and Ishtar in many ways, but I think she is just as beautiful!

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