Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise (Kisa)

I used to have a resin bjd, Souldoll Sweet EunJin. She was a cute doll, but I didn't have her very long. Anyways, during the short time that I did have her, I sewed her a little Russian outfit, which I kept even after I didn't have the doll anymore. I ran across this outfit a couple of days ago, and it looked kind of like it might fit Kisa, so I decided to try it on her. And it fits! It actually fits her better than it fit the other doll. I am very happy, because Kisa needs more clothes! I just need to make a shirt to put under it eventually, the thing she is wearing in the pics is actually a dress :P But it's all I have right now that I can use. I also have been having trouble finding shoes for Kisa, so I am making my own. As you will see in the pics, I knitted a little white pair, it's actually a pattern for baby booties, but I liked the lace detailing and the picot edging, so I decided to try knitting up a pair. I think they are cute, although I want to alter the pattern to make them a bit smaller next time. The pair I am posting today is all white, but I also made a pair that is green with brown soles, which I think will show up better in photographs. Next time she wears them I will post pics. And, one more thing before I show you the pictures, Kisa will soon have a friend! Of course, I will post pics of her when she arrives...

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