Saturday, December 16, 2017

My New Blog

 I know I haven’t posted here in a really long time, I apologize. I don’t have a computer anymore, I’m doing everything on my iPad, and a while back the Blogger app started crashing every time I tried to use it. They don’t seem to be updating it anymore either. I can post text via the website through my web browser, but I can’t upload photos that way, which makes it pretty useless for me.

Which gets us to the point of this post: I am starting up a new blog! I will not be posting on this one anymore, although I’m going to leave it up for the moment. My new blog is primarily going to be about the various things I’m working on - illustrations, dolls, knitting, weaving etc... I will also be sharing photos, videos and stories with the inspiration behind my work. So, if you’re interested, head over to my new blog , check it out, and follow it if you’d like :) I don’t have much on there yet, because I literally just started setting it up today. But I’ve got some pretty special new projects planned for the coming year, and lots of neat things to share along with. So feel free to follow me there if you are interested. Thank you all for your interest and support. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and many blessings in 2018!

~Debi (and Ringo too!)

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