Thursday, January 29, 2015


I don't normally post about new types of products available in my stores, mainly because there are too many of them! But today I am going to, because it's something I'm really excited about: fabric!

My Zazzle store now has a line of customizable fabrics, with all my illustrations and photos on it ^_^ There are 7 fabric types to choose from (different weaves of cotton, linen and polyester). And, if you like a particular image, but aren't crazy about the background color, need the print to be larger or smaller, or just want to change the way the image is tiled, you can chan change all these things by clicking the "customize it" button on the product page. The fabrics are available by the yard or as fat quarters. You can also order swatches. You can view my fabrics by going to the Craft Supplies department in my store.

I haven't tried any of the fabrics yet, this is a very new product. But I'm hoping to try some of the quilting cotton in the near future, it looks like it'll be pretty nice...

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